The HBLF Show is a leading B2B exhibition for Hardware, Building Materials, Laminates and Furniture. It has been annually organized in Ahmedabad (Gujarat) since the year 2011. The HBLF Show is an extremely effective platform to connect to the target audience of many industries.






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Let’s know what aware patrons say about The HBLF Show

Mr. Shailesh Desai
Kalakari, Ahmedabad

With the help of HBLF Show, 2017, we have been able to book huge number of orders within a day. The best thing about this year's show is that all the stalls are fabricated which raises the bar for this year's exhibition.

Mr. Neeraj Dhamija
SN Brothers, Punjab

The HBLF Show, 2017, especially, has benefited us as a brand because it is a very specific category oriented exhibition meant only for B2B platform. The one thing that I liked about this exhibition compared to others is that it's all about business and not just a show place.

Mr. Jay Doshi
Feder, Hyderabad

We wanted to get connected to quality visitors as well as Architects and Interior Designers from various cities. In two days of HBLF, we have received great response. I have received enquiries from so many distributors and now we are at a position to choose our distributors rather than them choosing us from various brands. For this, I thank Hardware Samachar and HBLF Show for giving us this opportunity.

Mr. Nilesh Parmar
Interior Designer, Mumbai

The huge number of interior designers and architects that visited the show was a tremendous experience in HBLF Show 2017. The footfalls of the first day itself were in huge numbers. I personally feel that exhibitions of these kinds help Architects and Interior Designers like us to be updated with new products of the industry and providing your clients the best you can.

Mr. Kerry Yang
Roeasy Professional, China

This is our first exhibition in India and we love the country and people here. We have exhibited our products in Germany, Dubai and other countries but the HBLF Show was a completely different experience because it is a very specific show focused on the Hardware Industry. Specific is always terrific and hence the customers are also very specific which is always an advantage.

Mr. Shobit Agarwal
Spider Lock

The response on the first day of HBLF Show-2017 was unexpected. It received visitors from many states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, etc. In the HBLF Show-2017, we have launched Smart, Intelligent and Electronic Locks. Seeing the footfalls, we would be very interested for every HBLF Show.

Mr. Meet Thakkar
Ghanshyam Hardware Store, Paco

The best thing about HBLF is that it helps us cross the bridge between interiors and architects because we usually don’t retail-out our products. So, for the first time, we came face-to-face with our end users and understood their reviews. This helped us to get quality feedbacks from our end-users. I got to meet many architects, interior designers and end users for the first time and many dealer networks from other states and cities like Bangalore, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, etc.

Mr. Paresh Bhadolia

S-Grip has been exhibiting in the HBLF Show since a year. The footfalls on the first day of the HBLF Show-2017 were very impressive. We weren't expecting such huge response. In fact, one of our visitors was from Bangladesh and we were surprised to see that the HBLF Show is making its mark not only in India but in Asia too.


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Read the answers of frequently asked questions to know some basic details

Who are the visitors of the exhibition?

There are diversified industry participants as well as general public visit the exhibition. Industry participants include manufacturers, traders, civil engineers, interior designers, real-estate consultants, architects, artists, etc.

How can we book stall for the exhibition?

You are required to call on 9974133311 to know the process of stall booking and available space.

What is the cost of an exhibition stall?

The charge of exhibition is 6000-7000 per square meter.

Can we create a stall size which is not listed on the website?

The sizes listed in website are standard. You can create a stall having customized size by combining space of two stalls.