Jay Shree Krushna Trading Co. - Tunes Architectural Hardware

Email : sales@tunesinterior.com

Website : www.tunesinterior.com

Company Profile

Tunes, under the leadership of Mr. Alpesh Parikh, has created a world of exclusive creativity, encapsulated in luxurious shapes and material. The company has successfully put together creative minds and skilled craftsmen to churn out stunning and sturdy collections. At tunes, attention is paid to current interior trends and architectural needs to create collections that can easily get with the surroundings.

Tunes has a very wide range of products that includes Mortise Handles, Cabinet Handles, Pull Handles, Knobs and other Accessories and also a wide range of Bathroom Accessories. It helps one give décor that stunning edge one has always wished for. It helps the users on enjoying exquisite elegance with robustness inside and let their visitors feel the heat of envy.


Demo images are here to show from exhibtion for year 2017.