Talani Corporation

Email : talanicorp@gmail.com

Website : www.talanicorporation.com

Company Profile

We sell beautiful, iconic, authentic, future-proof, exclusive Main Door / Pull Handles. We don't do fashionable, we don't do this season's look, we do forever-fabulous looks.

Why we are different comes down to something simple; we care. We aren't a big corporate machine, we genuinely love what we sell, endeavoring to make TACO, a destination for design, a pedestal, and celebration of talent, creativeness, and distinction. We are proud that TACO is a unique brand doing exclusively designs for pull handles. We crafted designs with many unique materials, making them a real door stunner! 

We understand you because we are you. We make our own wish lists and, just like you, want to fill our homes with the kind of comfort, sentiment, and personality that we'll want to hold on to forever. Its convenient to find TACO across India, it's not just the treat for your eye but it's the complete experience!


Demo images are here to show from exhibtion for year 2017.